Poorvashrama rare picture of Bala Periyava!

The above picture is of Bala Periyava, the 70th Jagadguru of Kanchi Sankaracharya Swamigal HH Shankara Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal of Sri Kanchi Matham, just before taking Sanyas in Kanchipuram at the holy hands of his Guru Pudhu Periyava HH Jagadguru Shri Jayendra Saraswati Sankaracharya Swamigal, the 69th Acharya of the peetham. On the far right … Continue reading Poorvashrama rare picture of Bala Periyava!

My wife: Follow our Rich Hindu Traditions!

My wife has posted this. Please watch the video made by her, link is below: I have been writing and sharing with you all, at the insistence of Mahaperiyava and Balaperiyava in my dreams, whatever I have learnt from our Gurus about the immense importance of following our dharma. I very much wished for confirmation … Continue reading My wife: Follow our Rich Hindu Traditions!

The magical Satara Vijaya Yatra!

The below experience with Kanchi Mahaperiyava is narrated by Smt Bala: I had an one on one with Periva at Satara adjacent to Uttara Nataraja temple in 1981! I sat there endlessly looking at His face and He looked at me and kept going back and forth closing His eyes doing japam. There were no … Continue reading The magical Satara Vijaya Yatra!

A fulfilled wish for Vimala’s mother!

Smt Vimala Raj Menon's mother passed away 4 months back. Towards the end of her life her mother had wished for a slightly larger photo of Kanchi Maha Periyavaa. You will not believe this,  very soon appeared an old friend with a very beautiful photo of Pariyavaa! Her mother was very very happy. She placed … Continue reading A fulfilled wish for Vimala’s mother!

The ‘Silent’ Sadhu from Poland!

Mouni Sadhu (this name was chosen by himself for his book 'In days of great peace') was the author of many spiritiual, mystical and esoteric subjects. He was born in Warsaw, Poland on 17th August 1897. He settled in Australia, much later. During his stay in Paris around 1945, he was suggested to read Paul … Continue reading The ‘Silent’ Sadhu from Poland!

How I am spending my Lockdown time!

Sharing with you all how I am spending these unfortunate and horrific times in our world. I have contributed my might for the below causes/activities: Week 1 - for Veda Krama Parayanam of Shree Jadguru Shankara Trust Week 2 - for purchase of property for Sri Mahaperiyavaanugraha Veda parampara Veda patashala in Mylapore Week 3 - … Continue reading How I am spending my Lockdown time!

Help needed for Archakas, Sastrigals!

With the help of noble minded devotees, Pratyaksha trust has offered monthly stipend of Rs 1000 each to Archakas and Bhattacharyas for 3 months during the corona virus afflicted months. The trust is planning to extend this support for the next month of May too. So, let us all set aside our personal problems/worries, to … Continue reading Help needed for Archakas, Sastrigals!

Bala Periyava pictures taken by my wife!

My wife took these pictures of Bala Periyava Kanchi Shankaracharya HH Shankara Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal, when she was in India in Fehruary 2020. Shankara. How much beauty there is in His calmness. This last picture below was taken at the home of Pattu Patti: Shankara. This is one of the most beautiful pictures I have … Continue reading Bala Periyava pictures taken by my wife!

Shri Subramanian’s experience with Mahaswamigal!

I was fortunate to get the darshan of Kanchi Mahaperiyava  many times in Chennai (Madras).  Often I and my friends walked with Mahaperiva, rather to say, we ran behind him! Mahaperiava  used  to do pooja in a house in Adyar. When He travelled through  Mandavelli from Mylapore we used to join Him up to Adayar.  Then … Continue reading Shri Subramanian’s experience with Mahaswamigal!