About my Wife


My wife’s name is Saraswathy. You can know about her lifestyle by reading some of her posts listed below:

1) Her life after knowing our Periyavas:


2) How to make Kungumam at home (12 part series):


3) The external appearance of a Woman:


4) Ambal’s Kungumam


5) Shistaachaaraas and Sampradaayas Series


Here is she in the below picture. Why is she wearing the 9 yard saree, what is the occasion? This is how she is dressed for the last 5 years or so, from 2014. Everyday. Everywhere. 24/7. Be it in planes, schools, campsites, roads, wherever. You get the point. She is trying to follow the words of our Shankaracharyas.

My wife Cku