The magical Satara Vijaya Yatra!

The below experience with Kanchi Mahaperiyava is narrated by Smt Bala:

I had an one on one with Periva at Satara adjacent to Uttara Nataraja temple in 1981! I sat there endlessly looking at His face and He looked at me and kept going back and forth closing His eyes doing japam. There were no other devotees other than we two.  There was a silent communication.

I did not know what to ask! I did Namaskarams multiple times to Him. He graced  me with His penetrating look! Next day I had the thread ceremony at the Hands of Puthu Periva at Bombay. I never looked back after that when I reached Bombay after 7 hours of Journey. I was given a sumptuous dinner, at the instance of Pudhu Periva, by the noblest mother of now famous Advocate Sriram of Ayodhya temple arbitration! I did not ask for any, nor looked for any, but His grace alone takes care of ones life’s journeys.


Shankara. How sweet is the above experience of Smt Bala. What blessings for Smt her.

The below pictures from one single picture is how I enjoy Swamigal. This was taken during Swamigal’s Satara Vijaya Yatra. What to say of the richly blessed Joshi Mama and his daughter. The infinitely tejas Swamigal is sitting below on the stones of a wayside pond. His bundle of kavi kaavi vasthram clothes, the coconuts, flowers and other items seen on the bamboo plate, offered to Him by Joshi Mama, the way Mama and his daughter are standing apart and listening to Swamigal… I have no words to describe the pictures.

Enjoy1Joshi mama and his daughterJOshi Mama3

A beautiful day to Everyone.


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7 thoughts on “The magical Satara Vijaya Yatra!

  1. That is a good observation. May be it is a Shri Bala. The profile had a lady icon, so that is what mislead me. Thank you.


    1. I thought thread ceremony for woman also there for example around the hands or something like that so that I asked you. Sorry for the trouble

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