The ‘Silent’ Sadhu from Poland!

Mouni Sadhu (this name was chosen by himself for his book ‘In days of great peace’) was the author of many spiritiual, mystical and esoteric subjects. He was born in Warsaw, Poland on 17th August 1897. He settled in Australia, much later. During his stay in Paris around 1945, he was suggested to read Paul Brunton’s “A Search In Secret India”.

Reading chapters on Maharishi, he realized that he has finally found a True Master. He started practising “Self Enquiry”. On 7th May 1949, He reached Ramana Ashram and spent many weeks there.

Mouni Sadhu’s book ‘In Days of Great Peace’ has 50 chapters. In this lovely book, he recounts his stay in Ramana Ashram in detail. In a simple yet very interesting language, he takes the reader on a Divine and Wonderful Journey of his peaceful and quiet days spend at Ramana Ashram and his experience with Bhagwan Ramana.

Mouni Sadhu

He says that in Master’s (Ramana’s) presence – his thoughts were stilled,  his mind turned totally inward and he was at great peace. Shankara, what a blessed soul.

Ramana had attained samadhi in 1950, but this book which was published in 1952 helped many foreigners to visit Ramanashram.


Thanks to Srivani for sharing this with us.

Mauni Sadhu’s given birth name was  Mieczyslaw Demetriusz Sudowski.  He passed away on 24th December 1971. His book ‘Days in Great Peace’ is a must read for any Ramana Devotee.

A beautiful day to everyone.


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13 thoughts on “The ‘Silent’ Sadhu from Poland!

  1. Dear friend,

    Can you tell me how to get a copy of the book written by Mouni Swami? I would like to buy a copy of this book and be profitted by reading it.

    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely, Uthayamurthy

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  2. But some sacrifices made by some people make others happy. For example, our great freedom fighter Gandhiji about to meet Ramana maharishi. It is said that Rajaji did not allow the meeting because he feared that if Gandhi met the Maharshi he would forget his political mission to free India from the British and would take to full-time spirituality.

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  3. This is a very good book and Mouni Sadhu appears to have been a very serious and advanced sadhaka. He was blessed by the Maharshi who placed His hands on the Sadhu’s head as the latter was about to leave for his homeland. Sri Ramana usually does not do such things and this is one of the rare occasions. So the Sadhu is highly blessed.

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  4. I am truly sorry, the link still does not get copied. Only the Chapters Contents list keeps getting copied. Or. does it happen only on my ipad? Anyway here is the link that I have typed out:


    If this does not come through this time, I give up. By the way the only thing I know about this internet business is to search, read, type, post mail.

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