Help needed for Archakas, Sastrigals!

With the help of noble minded devotees, Pratyaksha trust has offered monthly stipend of Rs 1000 each to Archakas and Bhattacharyas for 3 months during the corona virus afflicted months.

The trust is planning to extend this support for the next month of May too.

So, let us all set aside our personal problems/worries, to do our might for this for Archakas temple priests poojaris Gurukkal, Aathu Vadhyaars Sastrigals (the priests who come to our home to help to conduct various poojas), 

More details are given below:


With the divine blessings of His Holiness Jagadguru Pujyasri Shankaracharya Swamigal, Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust with spontaneous contribution from devotees offered financial support of 1000 each to about 350 Archakas belonging to North Arcot, South Arcot, Chengalpattu, Kanchipuram, Pondicherry, Thiruvarur & Kumbakonam districts of Tamilnadu state. Alumni students of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Shaiva Agama Pathashala from Kanchi & Sirkazhi who are presently serving in various temples in the state were covered. The first list was collected with help of several Astikas and more data is under verification process. 

To participate, please send your valuable contributions to the account below.
Please use Memo “ARCHAKA STIPEND”

For INR Tax-deductible contributions:

Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust
City Union Bank – Chennai 6
A/c No 049001000645148
IFSC: CIUB0000049

For Forex contributions:

Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust
City Union Bank – Chennai 6
A/C No 049001000667618

Please contact Shri Aravind Sitaraman at
for more information and if you want to receive a receipt.

Thanks so much everyone.


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25 thoughts on “Help needed for Archakas, Sastrigals!

      1. Of course, please do Krishnan. That is why I had posted this. Thanks so much for being so noble minded. Shankara


  1. No, sorry that I do not have other modes of payments. Please adjust with the bank account details that are already provided. Thanks so much for being noble. Shankara


  2. It’s a good initiative but in India there are many temples in different states, cities built by Tamilians residing there, and these temples too employs archakas or kurukkal who have come from different villages of Tamil Nadu. These too deserve all the help. These temples are community temples and don’t have much funds except day to day hundi collection or other offerings. Please think of them too in your endeavour.

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  3. For Forex contributions, would the IFSC code be the same as INR? My bank accepts IFSC code, not SWIFT code. I have emailed Mr Aravind Sitaraman for confirmation and still awaiting a reply

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    1. IFSC code should suffice, but please do wait to hear fro Shri Aravind. Thanks so much for being noble minded. Shankara


  4. Respected Suresh mama,
    I am a regular reader of all your posts and have always turned out beneficial by knowing the kainkaryams you post. I just went through your news posted on 15th April about Archaka Stipend and decided to do a humble contribution. Since I already had the bank details of Sri Partyaksha trust , which is basically used by Mahesh and Sai Srinivasan for their GO SAMRAKSHANAM works, with all hope and trust, under the belief that you are all well connected and working towards all noble deeds as per Periyava’s advice ,I did my contribution now and to the same account number and shared the details with Aravind Sitaraman on the given email ID. Once I sent the email I received an auto response as below which really disappointed and shocked me (FYR below) . I sincerely request you to pls look in to this matter . Periyava Charanam Krithika Vishwanathan Chennai
    Aravind Sitaraman
    11:57 AM (17 minutes ago)
    to me
    Thanks for your mail. If you are writing about the Kānchi Maṭaṁ Archakā programme, I regret to you that this is fake news. We did support about 800 Archakās and Bhattacharyas and a several hundred more will be added to the list. But, these are for people who are in remote villages. Since we have our mechanism to get the appropriate people to support, we are not looking for any information at this point. You can help stop this fake news programme by posting the following message in on WhatsApp groups where you see this message?
    “The Kānchi Śanḳarā Śrīmaṭam did not seek nominations of Archakās nor did it seek applications from Archakās to seek financial assistance. In the last one week, the Śrīmaṭam has sent Rs. 1,000 to about 800 Archakas and Bhattacharyās in remote villages spanning several districts. It is also in process of sending similar assistance to several hundred more. The Śrīmaṭam has its own methodology of identifying the right recipient and disbursing funds. A message soliciting Archakā information and instigating people to apply for financial aid has been mischievously sent by someone with a hidden agenda using my email address. Please do not send names of Archakās or ask Archakās to appeal for financial aid or stipend. Please share this message to as many groups and people you know so this disinformation can be stopped.” Aravind Sitaraman

    Aravind Sitaraman

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    1. Hi Krithika, nice to hear from you. Not sure why you were shocked by Shri Aravind’s response. His message is for people (us) to not tell Kanchi Matam to give the stipend to a particular Archaka etc. They have their own process of identifying whom to help.

      Your noble contribution will definitely help them in the Archaka program.

      Thank you.


    1. Hi Shriram, please send a mail to Shri Aravind (email address mentioned above) with ‘Contribution’ in the mail subject and ask him. He will respond quickly. Thanks for being so noble.


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