Help Kaniyur Veda Patashala and Goshala!

Shri KV Krishnamurthy, advocate in Coimbatore, has shared the below with us:


Vedas are believed to be the Divine revelations from the Cosmic Space recognized by Ancient Rishis. In order to nourish and cherish the Vedas, Kaniyur Brahma Vidhya Trust was founded with the prime object to impart Vedic education in Krishna Yajur Veda. Krishna Yajur Veda Patashala was started with 4 Vidyarthees in June 2016.

With the Blessings of The Almighty, Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya and support of devotees across the world, the strength of the Patashala has slowly and steadily increased to 18 Vidyarthees and a Goshala with 3 cows and 3 calves.

Here below are some beautiful pictures from the Veda Patashala:


The patashala is in Kaniyur, a historical village situated on the banks of the River Amaravati. The patashala is located in a typical agraharam house which is more than centuries old. The Patasala is hardly 25 Kms from the famous temple town of Palani, 12 Kms from Udumalpet and 20 Kms from Dharapuram and is easily accessible by road and train.

A vision of this scale cannot be successfully deployed without the whole hearted support of like –minded noble souls. We, earnestly appeal to philanthropic and generous public join to achieve the noble cause by generous contributions in kind and also ideas. We would be deeply grateful to those who contribute towards the above stated requirements to the trust in any small manner to carry out the objectives of the trust.

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 5.10.49 AMScreen Shot 2019-12-03 at 5.10.34 AM

To help the cause, I have decided to form a “Group of Donors”.

Donations needed for:

• Vedas & Siksha (Education) Rakshana Endowment One student’s maintenance expenses towards boarding, clothing, medical treatment, study materials and other maintenance expenses Rs.5,000/- per month. (at present 18 Vidhyarthees)

• GhoSamrakshana One cow’s maintenance expenses Rs.5,000/- per month (At Present 3 Cows)

Some endearing pictures from the Goshala:



• Special Samaradhana (Special meals are served) To perform Homam for your birthday, anniversary Rs.3,000/-

I request you to join the Group and extend your hands to help the Vedas grow and receive the Grace of God.

Donation details:

Account Number: 61683070000990
IFSC Code: SYNB0006168

The address is:

Kaniyur Brahma Vidhya Trust
52, Agraharam, Kaniyur, Madathukulam Taluk, Udumalpet, Tirupur District – 642203
Mobile : 9445423044
Email id:

They were featured in the Press:


Let us all join hands and contribute regularly to the Veda Patashala and the Goshala.

A beautiful day to Everyone.


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13 thoughts on “Help Kaniyur Veda Patashala and Goshala!

  1. I will do the needful for which you gave the full particulars.

    K C Ananthakrishnan
    Grandson of late KA Venkatasubban
    Retd High School Headmaster, Kaniyur

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, there is a whatsapp group called ‘Krishnayaojurveda Patasala’. Please let me know your mobile number and I will have you added there.

    Hope you have now contributed to the Veda Patashala and Goshala. (online fund transfer details have already been provided above)

    Thanks so much!


    1. I am sorry they do not have a Google pay id. Please contribute using the means mentioned in the post like the others who have done. Thanks a lot for being so noble. Swamigal will be so proud of you. Shankara


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