My Wife: Which Neivedhyam for which Navarathri day!

The below has been compiled by my wife:


We are already into the Festival Season. It would be nice to know what Neivedhyam (Offering to God)  is the right one according to our Shastram and Sampradayam, isn’t it?

Sometimes we do not know what is the right Neivedhyam, at times we think that what we choose to do as neivedhyam, and the changes we make to the traditional dishes is fine, but it is not so.

I had a dream a few years back, of HH Kanchi Balaperiyava. In the dream, Periyava is saying firmly, ” Enna enna eppadi eppadi pannanumO, adhadhai appadi appadi thaan pannanum. Vadai kku omam pottu pannanum naa omam pottu thaan pannanum. Jeeragam poda koodathu. Jeeragam podanum naa jeerakam thaan podanum, omam podakoodathu.”

“என்ன என்ன எப்படி எப்படி பண்ணுமோ அததை அப்படி அப்படி தான் பண்ணனும். வடைக்கு ஓமம் போட்டு பண்ணனும்னா, ஓமம் போட்டு தான் பண்ணனும், ஜீரகம் போடக்கூடாது. ஜீரகம் போடணும்னா ஜீரகம் தான் போடணும், ஓமம் போடக்கூடாது.”

Balaperiyava says, “On any particular festival day, whatever Neivedhyams are to be made, they Have to be made. Also, they should be made only in the manner prescribed.

If for any particular festival, we have to make vadai adding omam / ajwain / Carom seeds , then we have to make it with omam only, not add Jeerakam / Jeera / Cumin instead. And if the Vadai has to be made with Jeerakam on some other festival day, then it has to be made only with Jeerakam, not Omam or anything else.”

So Periyava is very clear. On any festival day, we Have to make the Neivedhyams that the Shastram / sampradaayam tells us to make. And We have to make them ONLY in the manner prescribed, with the ingredients prescribed. Neither do we have the choice of deciding whether we make the dish or skip making it, nor can anything be changed by us, neither the ingredients, nor the choice of dishes.


*** We cannot use buffalo’s milk for Neivedhyam. ***


As each festival arrives, I will try to post the relevant recipes. I am very grateful to Smt. Prema Krishnamurthy Mami ( Ram Ram Mami, w/o Brahmashri Mullaivasal Krishnamurthy Sastrigal Mama) for sparing her time so unstintingly, and her patience, and kindness, and her caring advice.

The following is entirely from Mami only.

Mami says that the sweet dish as per sampradayam is mandatory every morning of Navarathri. And she has given the different payasams for the different days.

And Mami has also given the Neivedhyams to be made in the evening. No sundals other than the ones given may be made. Since we are making it for Ambal, please make it; atleast a little bit, without wondering if it might get eaten or left over.

The Neivedhyams are according to the days of the week, ie if it is Friday, only sweet puttu can be made in the evening, and nothing else. Wherever such strict rule applies, I will give it under that day. On other days, you can make any from the list of dishes mentioned below.

Sunday –

Morning – Broken Whole Wheat Rava Payasam ( Odaccha Godumai ravai )
Evening – any one Sundal from the list given below

Monday –

Morning – any one Payasam from the list below
Evening – any one sundal from the list below

Tuesday –

Morning – Payasam made of a mix of Kadalai paruppu (Bengal gram dhal, also called chick pea dhal) and broken Payaru (Moong bean)
Evening – Sweet Karamani sundal (black eyed beans sundal)

Wednesday –

Morning – any one Payasam from the list below
Evening – any one Sundal from the list below

Thursday –

Morning – any one Payasam from the list below
Evening – Kadalai Paruppu Sundal (Bengal gram dhal, also called chick pea dhal sundal)

Friday –

Morning – Chakkarai Sweet Pongal
Evening – Sweet Puttu

Saturday –

Morning – Ellu / sesame seeds podi sadam (savoury)
Evening – Ellu podi jaggery sugili urundai (powdered Ellu Sesame seeds and powdered jaggery laddus / spheres. ( Mami says to please give only 2 urundais rounds per person. Not more.)

Saraswathi Pooja –

Morning – Appam (Gulapoopam), vadai (Maashaapoopam) and Paayasam
Evening – Black channa sundal

Payasam variety list for days when Neivedhyam is not of a specific kind:

1. Rava Payasam – Rice roasted until it turns reddish, then ground to the texture of rava. Make payasam with this rice rava.

2. Milk Payasam – Coconut ground finely and made into payasam. Cow’s milk should not be added when coconut milk payasam is being made, says Mami. Only any one kind of milk should be there in any payasam, either coconut milk or cow’s milk. Both should not be added to a payasam.

3 . Kadalai paruppu (Bengal gram dhal, also called chick pea dhal) boiled until soft and made into payasam.

4 . Broken Payaru payasam. (Moong bean)

Sundal varieties list for days when Neivedhyam is not of a specific kind:

1. Whole Moong (Payaru ) sundal

2.  Salt Karamani sundal

3. Mocchai Kottai sundal (it is called Vaal beans in the Indian stores here in U.S )

Thanks so much to Ram Ram Mami, for the detailed list.

All the below pictures have been taken from the Internet:



Sweet Pongal


An Auspicious and Happy Navarathri to everyone!


A beautiful day to Everyone.


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8 thoughts on “My Wife: Which Neivedhyam for which Navarathri day!

  1. Can you post detailed recipes of them if possible? This will help understand the ingredients that can and cannot be used. Last post where you mentioned asfoetida is not permitted in swami karyams as well was news. I am carefully avoiding in neivedhyams Thanks in advance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very proud of you Shanti that you are avoiding Asafoetida in Neivedhyams. But it best to avoid asafoetida completely, as Swamigal has said that in Deivathin Kural Voice of God.

      Please see the recipe for Sambar, which is made without using Tamarind, Chillies, Onion, Garlic in this link:

      You will get some useful tips from the above link. Just prepare an item the same way that you normally do, without the above mentioned ingredients.

      My best wishes to you.



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